Activities & Workshops

Comprises  3 x weekend workshops, situated in secluded, private woodland. We will be using shamanic drumming and Journeying meditations.

  Accommodation: 18 FT TIPI
Dates: To be confirmed...
  Price: £68.00 per soul per weekend

Email: patrownas@gmail.com
Mobile: 07866 983885
Tel: 01603 873290



Post Script

As the woodland paths evolve with careful forestry, so too does the call for spiritual path-working.

Workshops and Activities are ongoing - Please visit the Lazy Shaman Retreat page on Facebook for more details.

For example:

(a) More working with the Celtic Ogham Tree System, including the Tree Medicine Wheel

(b) Exciting pit-firings of clay-sculpted effigies of individual’s power animals.

(c) Soul Linking with powerful local trees.

Contact us for ongoing updates.


Lazy Shaman



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